My letter to the BTU President


Maryland Math Madness

Good evening Ms. English,

The main reason I write to you today is to encourage you to postpone this Thursday’s contract vote. With such short notice (only 6 days from contract announcement until vote), there has not been enough time for teachers to read, meet, discuss the contract.

In your email from earlier this evening you point out that we are working without a contract – if so, why were we not given the tentative agreement several months before the old one expired, so there was adequate time to digest it, make an informed vote, and even go back to the negotiations table if a no vote occurred, without having to threaten that we would lose our jobs or benefits that we have fought for?

One additional concern I have is with what you cite as a positive, that the new contract is very similar to the current contract. Many…

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Why I Love and Hate Snow Days


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1. I have extra time to do work I didn’t get done over the weekend. Yesterday, I graded papers. Today, I will write lesson plans.

2. I tend to shop online. With what money, teacher lady? It’s almost Christmas, too. Yeah. This snow is really hitting me in my purse. I could exert some self-control… I could hardly write it.

3. I have time to paint my nails.

4. I can have hot chocolate with milk!

5. Right now, my AP juniors would be discussing their article about the legacy of Nelson Mandela. I miss that a little.

6. I don’t have to be in that heatless classroom. Yes, I made up “heatless.” My classroom has no heat.

7. I miss my students. They are a bright spot in my day on most days. I hope they’re all safe and warm.

8. XM’s Heart & Soul station is on constantly and I am JAMMING!

9. I wrote out and addressed Christmas cards yesterday. I will order postage stamps online today. (Productive, see?)

10. It’s just a nice mini-break before Christmas. I am appreciative.

I will post pictures later.


My voice left me Thursday night. I couldn’t properly comment on Scandal. Yesterday at work, my students teased but were cooperative and helpful. At home, the silence is odd. I usually talk to myself. There are no sounds. It’s eerily peaceful. Good day, all.