Cost: Free

Platform: Web (Facebook instant game)

Genre: Puzzle

2017-06-27 (1)

2020 Connect

In this game, the object is to connect numbers that are the same so they can disappear. A full board is game over. This takes a lot of concentration. As determined by the Lumosity app, I’m not good at divided attention. I focus on one part of the board; in the meanwhile, the other part is filling up and I’m left with no moves. If there are enough coins in the left-hand corner, I can buy a booster which clears a spot. That happened once. The screen just kept filling up. I searched for cheats and figured out (too late) that the hexagons across the top are the next numbers. That would make a big difference in the decisions I make from now on. I saw the tiles there, but I didn’t really pay attention. I still didn’t know where the tiles were going, but if i needed a number I could try to move a tile to clear a space that the new ones would hopefully fill. I think I can move numbers that equal the sum of the other tiles that are together (I got that idea from a hack page) but I haven’t tried that strategy yet. This puzzle is like any other in that it makes you think about the right move. The decision-making factor makes me want to keep playing even after I’ve selected the button that says “Give Up”. I’ll be playing this game again. I don’t know how this could work for my class. I can see it working in math, though.