Screenshot_20170627-124435.pngCost: Free (ads, in-app purchases)

Genre: Trivia

This game gauges how much attention you pay to logos! Advertisements are all around us every day. Students could play this game and talk about how effective (or ineffective) some of these ads are.

When I played, there were some ads I’d never seen before. After I’d lost lives guessing, when the correct answer was left and popped up, I was still unaware of the logo.  To play and win, you must identify the logo or supply a missing piece. On the Wikipedia logo, for example, the omega symbol was missing. My first guess was that the letter i was missing. Getting it wrong made me slow down and look at the other symbols on the logo and guess that a letter of the Roman alphabet probably didn’t fit. Getting the answer right the second time allowed me to move on. I made it to level 4 and logo 34 in the five minutes of game play.

This game would be fun to assign for homework  or a speed round in class before a lesson on rhetoric. I like to start with advertisements because students can relate. It would be both fun and interesting to find out exactly how much attention my students pay to ads.  This stirs us another good discussion on details and persuasive techniques, which loosely correlates to Common Core writing standard 1.