Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

Genre: Entertainment

This is the game version of the popular book game, Mad Libs.  It was so much fun to play — although Mad Libs is an easy trigger for making me giddy. Mad Libs make me laugh because the stories are so silly. The point of the game app is the same — to create a story with random words. All of the words, of course, fall into one of the parts of speech. I think the game has educational value for that reason. Direct instruction of parts of speech can be boring, but this is a fun way to reinforce or to assess students’ knowledge of this concept.

After playing Mad Libs and  creating their own silly stories, students could write their own stories and ask classmates to fill in missing parts to practice creating a humorous tone. We could also discuss how certain word choices liven up a composition. This could extend into their own writing and study of sentences which connects to CCSS Lit.11-12.3 Knowledge of Language.