Cost: Free

Platform: App (Google Store)

Genre: Trivia

Screenshot_20170623-172346 (1).pngFun!

This game is the app version of the fun board game Scattergories. The object of the game is to guess a word that begins with a particular letter in a particular category. In this version, you can pick a random opponent or if you sign up through Facebook you can play against someone you know.  It is timed. That’s the added challenge.

I like this game because it tests what you know in a fun way. I love games that test my vocabulary. I think this would be a good station game for students at the beginning or end of class or on those weird days half the class is pulled for testing or an assembly or meeting. I think this would be fun for my ESOL students. I think they’d feel pretty accomplished having thought of words in English with some help from their friends or on their own.