Cost: Free

Platform: App from Google Play Store

Genre: Education


This “game” is a bit complicated. You first have to set up an email account or one through Facebook. Lumosity is a series of brain games. You take a fit test first. Part one challenged my information processing skills. It was timed. I had to determine if the new shape presented on the screen matched the previous shape (and color, too). Next was a challenged called Train of Thought. It tests divided attention. I did an awful job at directing trains to the same colored house. The tracks had to be adjusted each time a new train came out of the station. Obviously, I can’t do more than one thing at a time. The third challenge was something called Memory Matrix which, of course, tested my memory. It really challenged spacial recall (“visuospatial sketchpad, model for working memory that stores visual info: color, shape, location”). I didn’t do well I think.

After the test, you are prompted to select premium (priced) or basic daily workouts (free). There are several plans ranging from free to monthly to lifetime ($$$). I selected the free option and went on to something called Mindful Breathing. At our school, we practice mindfulness. So, I think a game like this would be helpful for the students who participate in that and actually will share this with Mindful Moments, our mindfulness partners. I think this game is also a good alternative to independent reading. I wouldn’t take independent reading away, but I’d offer this as an option.

Benefits: concentration, challenging yourself, individual game play