Cost: Free

Platform: Google Play Store


This is, by far, my favorite game! I played it non-stop one evening and ended up going to sleep at 6 a.m. Score! Literally! This game is staying on my phone.

At first, I played for about 20 minutes straight. I didn’t understand what to do at first, but went online for cheats. That was all I needed. The object of the game is to collect balls without letting tiles meet the bottom of the screen; that ends your game.  You have to know a bit of physics. The best strategy is to get the balls you release to ricochet in order to hit more than one tile or ball or ring.

I can’t think of how this would align in my classroom, per se, but I do see how it could connect to strategy making and at the very least some fine motor skill coordination. It’s a single-player game. Your opponent is yourself.  After a week of playing I found directions (I wasn’t looking for them, but they appeared) for how to play the game, how to amass points and game currency.

I’d recommend this game for play during downtime. It’s not, in my opinion, educational at all, but it is fun and relaxing and definitely addictive.