Cost: Free (contains ads)

Platform: Google Play Store

Genre: Puzzle

This version of the app has ads, so that’s annoying.  This game, however, is good for teaching students to really look for details.  In literature they are often hidden. Writers may hide a theme in a text, but use the details to give the reader a hint. This would be a good lesson engagement activity. As a writer or illustrator, the addition or omission of details can be an important lesson to learn. Some objects are hidden in plain sight because there are so many items in a room. Items to find come up as shadows and are difficult to find. I tried this on my phone and for me the screen was too small. It would probably be better on a tablet.

Overall, I liked playing this game. I probably wouldn’t play it again.  I think the game would be enjoyed by young children or older adults (my mother was interested in playing when she saw me playing it). I can’t see my high school students playing this game. There are levels and each find is timed. The pressure makes it fun. If you miss clues (like I did several times), you get to start over again.  If you have a decent memory, you remember where hidden items are and can do better the next time.Screenshot_20170623-171803.png