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Rating: E (Everyone)Screenshot_2017-06-12-22-11-04.png

Cost: Free (with ads)

Platform: Android app

Genre: Word

This is the first game I’ve played. I downloaded it on my tablet. I usually gravitate toward word games myself. I have a few student who might like this game because they like words like I do.

The premise of the game (as far as I can tell from playing it) is to let your eyes find the hidden words within the nine squares. I use my finger to swipe across the letters to actually form the words, which are between two and seven letters long. Each time I make a word, the letters move down and I form another word. After I make the two words, I move on to the next step in that level. The levels are named after international cities. I’ve been through Vienna (tutorial) Washington, D.C. and Hollywood. The letters get a little less easy to see as I go on.

This would be a good game for ESOL students perhaps. I could see them working in groups to find words they have learned in their ESOL class. If they work in teams at a station setting perhaps, they could discuss the words they know and help explain or show what they are to their team members.

I would use this game in a station setting because I cannot see how this would support direct instruction in my classroom. I do see how this game could support and reinforce word recognition and decoding skills. These aren’t prescribed skills for juniors and seniors in Common Core.