I love teaching! The women in my family are (were) in education. My love of the classroom and schoolhouse (yes, schoolhouse) probably comes naturally.

This year, I feel like I love teaching the most. I have finally been allowed to teach seniors. I don’t know what the grade-level criteria is for each grade, but I’m glad to be working in a different way this year. I taught ninth grade for at least 11 of my 14 years of teaching. That was tough. It’s been tougher lately because the rearing of children (if they are reared at all) is constantly changing and not always for the better. Society changes. What’s acceptable and important and valued changes constantly. Education and showing intelligence or a want to learn do not always seem to be what matters most in American culture unless that intelligence relates to pop culture.

I feel I may be given ninth graders, decidedly the most difficult population in my school, because I have mostly mastered techniques in classroom management and everyone knows “Ms. Edwards doesn’t play.” While I don’t play, I’d like my talents and gifts and passion to be shared with different students. I’ll be advocating for a few more years of teaching upperclassmen like there’s no tomorrow. Some teachers in my department have managed to NEVER teach A ninth grader. (Side-eye to the “powers that be”.) I’m mustering up that same gumption to say “no” as well.

Back to planning, lesson planning, studying, preparing for another week of teaching and learning.

Best to you, my readers. Happy Saturday!