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1. I have extra time to do work I didn’t get done over the weekend. Yesterday, I graded papers. Today, I will write lesson plans.

2. I tend to shop online. With what money, teacher lady? It’s almost Christmas, too. Yeah. This snow is really hitting me in my purse. I could exert some self-control… I could hardly write it.

3. I have time to paint my nails.

4. I can have hot chocolate with milk!

5. Right now, my AP juniors would be discussing their article about the legacy of Nelson Mandela. I miss that a little.

6. I don’t have to be in that heatless classroom. Yes, I made up “heatless.” My classroom has no heat.

7. I miss my students. They are a bright spot in my day on most days. I hope they’re all safe and warm.

8. XM’s Heart & Soul station is on constantly and I am JAMMING!

9. I wrote out and addressed Christmas cards yesterday. I will order postage stamps online today. (Productive, see?)

10. It’s just a nice mini-break before Christmas. I am appreciative.

I will post pictures later.