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It’s such a pretty day out. I have to make sure I bask in the sun a little and get some of that breeze blowing in my face.

I wish I could have that french toast cupcake for breakfast. I think it qualifies. (See previous post and pic.) 

Back to outside: I can only stay out a little while because I have a ton of work to do today. Grades are due yesterday! I’m way behind, but luckily the missing grades report won’t be generated until Monday. So, I’m a little safe — barely. I will have my blinds open and maybe the window, too. Seems like a movie kind of day. I finally have the final season of my all-time favorite show, Girlfriends. Maybe I’ll watch that and I probably should watch Scandal again.

I JUST received an Old Navy email that says 30% off in store and online. Yikes! What to do? What to do?