To say customer service is important to me is a huge understatement. It sits at the top of my list. Even above value, quality, and cost. Nordstrom has NEVER let me down. From its reasonable return policy to the intercom voice to the presentation of your purchase as a gift, Nordstrom should be a model for other stores. 
Recently, I’d been eyeballing one of those horizontal cross rings. I need a 7. There wasn’t obe in the store. My lady ordered it for me and called yesterday to let me know I could get it anytime.  I know that when I get there, it will be right where it belongs. I won’t have to wait for someone to find it.
Nordstrom makes me a patient shopper. Nordstrom calms me down. It is a place where I find solace and joy.
Other stores with comparable customer service: Starbucks,  Lucky Brand


, Target (more lines will open if necessary)