Another Friday night …and this is what I’ve done. I’ve created my very own blog. My baby sister wasn’t available with her social media advice, so I called my middle, equally stylish sister and she helped me come up with my blog’s name. I told her all of the things that I love. She warned me that my favorite foods — caramel, bacon, marshmallow puff, bbq sauce and french fries — together in a name might sound like an allusion to sex. Besides food, I love teaching and the color pink. I had an interesting experience today, by the way. I’ll share later. Let’s get back to how I got here. I guess this is what my sister would call a lifestyle blog. Teaching 9th graders is challenging and after lesson planning and grading, I’d love to be able to write my thoughts in my own space in my own way. I am always thinking and usually end up talking to myself. In addition to Pinterest, Polyvore and Twitter, Sweet Pink Words will serve as an outlet for those thoughts that usually only bounce off the walls.IMG_20120218_184010